Patterned Character Painting

Really cool patterned painting which I did some time in the last couple of weeks. I am hoping to make this one digitized and send to the printers to create some t-shirts or maybe even hoodies 😉


Design Publication

An informative brochure on Melbourne’s PBS 106.7 radio station.

Involved researching and compiling information, placing the information in an easy to read and typographically correct manner. Concept (this was not actually done for PBS FM)

A concept redesign of PBS FM current website with key information taken from the website used in redesign.

A truly awesome concept website!


Digital Design (Digital Illustration)

This project consisted of two parts and two themes. The two themes were to then be interpreted through a digital design medium. The first design medium was a paper plane airline which I chose my own design theme. The second was an online publication/magazine based on a word of my own choice.

The idea was to interpret my chosen themes into my own imaginative way whilst keeping a uniform style.

Mellow (online publication/magazine)

Native Airlines (paper plane airline)
Native American inspired designs and drawings